Biblical Motherhood-What a Statement!

Biblical Motherhood

Today we launch the Biblical Motherhood Collection!!!
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Biblical Motherhood? 
I think the first verse that comes to mind is Proverbs 22:6. I was inspired to launch this collection when I came across a devoted group of Mom's on Instagram. In the midst of everything happening in this world, these Mom's have such a positive outlook. They are focused on equipping their children to stand firm in the teaching of Scripture. I found this refreshing because it is solution-oriented. 
As I read through the content shared by these Mom's I can see we share the same passion. I have a shared desire to see young children grow in the Word of God and stand firm in their conviction when they are old enough to make decisions and influence others.
A mother has a very special responsibility. There is so much to unpack as we journey through this series. My hope is for dialogue in one form or fashion. I'll share content and quotes that I come across from mother's on this Biblical Motherhood journey.
For today, let's open the discussion with the question what is your personal mission for raising your children?
~A Movement for Biblical Motherhood is Here!

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  • Leslee A. on

    Love this Shemica ❤️ You are an awesome Mom! Your mission will be fulfilled!

  • Shemica Byrd on

    I am a mom of five “little Byrd’s” whose ages range from 6 months to 8 years!

    As I consider this question, a gift my daughter received for Christmas comes to mind. It is a shirt that says “she is more precious than rubies.” While the original intent of the scripture is focused on the blessings of wisdom, the phrase reminds me of the importance of speaking worth into my daughter’s hearts. I not only want them to know how much I love and adore them. I want them to be convinced of what scripture says about and promises them.

    Jesus was a servant leader; may the same be true of our children. I aim to be an example to them by serving my husband and church. As opportunities arise, I encourage them to serve their siblings.

    In recent months we have started doing a family devotional at dinner time called, “How Great Is Our God,” by Louie Giglio. I hope helps our children come to know God. There is a prayer at the end of each one that calls the reader to apply the scripture to self and others. This is my personal mission for raising our children…for them to know God and to love Him and others well.

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