Letter to My Future Husband Series Part Six: The Ultimate Preparation

“The ultimate preparation for marriage is your walk with the LORD."

In part one of this series I asked the question, “Are you a woman or a woman of God?” Today I ask that question again.

As my husband and I talked the other day, we came to the conclusion that our marriage would not be what it is and what we see it becoming, if we both weren’t who we are in Christ BEFORE we got married.

One of the things we discussed specifically is the truth that God’s definition/purpose for marriage can only be seen by believer’s. The desire to faithfully commit to a life partner is not automatically ingrained in every human heart.

Some men or women see marriage as a means of taking ownership, similar to conquering lands. They claim one and then after some time move on to dominate another.

These people clearly don’t define marriage as a commitment to one person for their lifetime like 1 Timothy 3:2 upholds. Ultimately they are not seeking to pursue a Biblical marriage covenant with their spouse, but a woman of God will.

As God’s daughter, aim to posture your heart to pursue complete devotion to the KING of kings. Fall in love with Jesus deeply.

Your purpose in life is not marriage. Your purpose in life is glorifying God. Sit at Jesus feet with a heart to hear Him, learn His teaching, and see God.

The ultimate joy of marriage is living out God’s commands with your spouse. In marriage many things will change, but the essence of who you are as a woman of God stays the same.

You are still called to love your neighbor as yourself, you just have the daily privilege (and sometimes challenge) of obeying that command with your spouse.

The teaching of Galatians 5:16-26 still applies. The commitment you have to Ephesians 5:1 now, will bear weight in the commitment you have to reflect Christ ways to your spouse.

Your call to be a disciple is your greatest asset to your husband.

As much as your preparation may include learning to sew, perfecting cooking your favorite dishes or dreaming of having a man God called to this career or that; the ultimate preparation is your walk with the LORD.

Sewing won’t keep you from arguing with your spouse, but self-control will. Marriage won’t give you purpose in life, but understanding God’s desire to redeem mankind will.

As much as marriage is a beautiful gift, salvation is superior. There is no one more worthy of your pursuit, dreams, and whole heart than Jesus. Your relationship with Him will determine the fulfillment of your marriage.

I encourage you to visit or revisit the book of Colossians. Read it and pray for God to give you revelation.

Lyric of the Week:

"Our marriage is more than just something for selfish purposes, Jesus died for sins to be cleansed, that's what our purpose is."

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