About Us

Ishshah Clothing is a retail outlet for modest yet fashionable clothing for women. The brand is

A Movement of Biblical Womanhood. 

We represent the community of women and young girls drawn to the sweet essence of being beautiful and womanly. Ishshah Clothing is more than external wear its a symbol for the internal process of growing in honor, dignity, respect, grace, love, and truth.

Our business model includes a mentorship component for young girls interested in training on topics such as purity, etiquette, financial stewardship, entrepreneurship, cooking, sewing, health and beauty.

"A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!"


Envision a clothing line tied to an evangelical/missional message intended to empower women and young girls alike to embrace dignity, modesty, and truth. A message that encourages mom's to continue in their noble endeavor to train up their children. A message that speaks to a wife's desire to be capable, loving, and effective in partnership with her husband. A message that reminds single women that the call to be Biblical is not for the married only. 


Spread the movement and the message through fashion, content, business transactions, and outreach programs (including missionaries, street teams, and internships).

This message is for women of all walks of life. This message does more than transform households, it transforms communities, and can shape nations. A woman has a unique influence on the world around her. She has the potential to cultivate values and morals in children, who, impact businesses, households, and public life, as future citizens, in some form or fashion.

Our hope at Ishshah Clothing is that you will own the brand, not for the sake of the brand but for the sake of the powerful and transformative message it represents.

We exist to inspire and encourage godly women to match their external fashion with their internal mission.  

"I want to do my part to spread the message of Titus 2:3-5."

The word Ishshah means woman or wife in the Hebrew language.

 Genesis 2:23 "...she shall be called woman (ishshah)..." 

Our business model focuses on a lean approach to operations with a triple bottom line of profitability, environmental stewardship, and customer satisfaction.

Join the movement!